Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Sunday Edition of the Star Tribune

This weekend the Saturday early edition of the Sunday Star Tribune has changed. The promotion has been saying that the early edition and the Sunday edition will be the same minus any late-breaking news. Well, from what I can see, the early edition is the same as it has been. The early edition has always included the coupon inserts and a few ads, but not all of them. I picked up the early edition today at a Holiday Station Store for 50 cents and it does not have all of the ads. It is still missing the Target ad, Walmart ad (if there is one this weekend) and several others. I did receive 2 sections of coupon inserts.
I will compare this edition to the paper I get tomorrow morning and let you know what I see. I was hopeful that the early edition would truely be a complete paper. I am a bit disappointed, but will reserve judgement for a few weeks until I see how this all works out.

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